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Describe pop-up hangs


I wanted to check a view definition, so I hit F4 to request a describe pop-up.
Next I want to click the script tab, but I miss and click the data tab instead.

So I immediately click the scrip tab, which opens fine.
Once I’m done I try to close the describe window for this view, but I get an error message.
Something like query still executing. Ok - that’s because I hit the data tab which must have started a query on the view, which takes about an hour to complete :frowning:

So I hit escape a few times, then try again to close the describe window for this particular view.

Now the whole Toad session hangs and I can either wait for as long as it takes Oracle to build a result set, or I can have windows kill my session and hope to recover work in progress upon restart.

Please don’t make the describe pop-up hang. I can live with repeated error messages in case I’m not aborting the query-in-progress in the proper way. That’s no problem.
Just give me a chance to correct my errors, please?

Abe Kornelis

If you go to the data tab, there should be a cancel button just to the left of the navigator.


but how do I get there once the panel is in hang mode?



Oh, I thought by “hang” you just couldn’t get the describe window to close. I wasn’t able to get it to hang. I’ll play around with that a bit more.


that’s where the rub is.



I’ve tried several times to get it to hang but for me, it’s not hanging. When I hit escape, it closes. For my slow view, I joined up several data dictionary views - it probably wouldn’t take an hour to finish, but it’s still running when I try to close the window. Are there any BLOBs or CLOBs in the result? The only thing that I can think of is that maybe the execution phase has finished and the query is in the middle of a large fetch when you are trying to cancel.


thank you for trying to reproduce the issue. You might be correct with your guess that Toad may have been fetching. There’s no telling now, I’m sorry I did not save the errorlog. My wrong…

Anyway, failing reproducibility, and as long as it’s only a single incident, I wouldn’t spend too much time on it. Should the issue recur, I’ll make sure to save the errorlog.

Thanks for all your efforts,

Abe Kornelis.