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TOAD keeps freezing when closing a describe window

I open a describe window using F4, and when I close it using then TOAD freezes and does not come recover.

This has now happened more than ten times with 12.12, never with 12.11. I do not see a pattern yet, most of the time it works.

Not sure if this is related to the fact that closing the describe window using was broken for 12.12?
I know that this is not much information, is there anything else that I can provide?

Best regards, Peter

I am working with toad for a long time-no issue like that.

I just think that maybe, just maybe, you have some refresh value of objects which may be in focus when you return ...

Check this settings if this can help you.


Thanks, but I don’t think that this is the case.

I am usually returning to an Editor, but the describe window is not even closed, it freezes while still open.

it freezes while still open.
which tab you open on object description?
if it is scrit, hen on many huge partitioned tables, it needs time to retriev that.

If it is data, then maybe your filter is acting.

but please send some pictures

Hi Peter,

By “freeze”, you mean Toad goes into the “window is not responding” state? Or does it just sit there and not close the dialog?

What kind of object are you looking at when it freezes?

Looking at the code, if it’s an object with data (table/view/mview/mvlog) and a fetch is in progress, ESC will cancel the fetch instead of close the window. But then after the fetch is canceled, another ESC should close the dialog.

Otherwise, the window should close the first time.

Also, are you talking about the grouped describe window or stand alone?


Hi John,

The describe window stays open forever after pressing . When I press the [X] to close it (again), then it goes into the “not responding” state.

I am usually looking at package source, not sure if it also happens with other objects. So there is no fetch involved.

I use grouped describe windows.

Thanks, Peter

I have the exact same problem with 12.12 :

“The describe window stays open forever after pressing . When I press the [X] to close it (again), then it goes into the “not responding” state.”

I normally look at all kinds of objects - such as a table, “Used by” and the likes. ESC doesn’t always do that, but too often. However it’s hard ot reproduce. It hits you when you least expect it.

Only way to go is kill the program and relaunch.