Desktop Panel Pinning, Auto Display Behavior, and Panel Size

If the Desktop Panel Data Grid is unpinned (minimized) and I Execute Statement (F9), then the Data Grid moves through an (annoying) graphic of sliding open the Data Grid and then immediately re-minimizing the Data Grid. The F9 action is causing the Data Grid to get focus (causing it to momentarily restore the Data Grid panel), but then the Data Grid (because it is not pinned) minimizes right away. Is this a bug (sure seems like one)?

Is there a way to leave the data grid unpinned (minimized), but when I F9 for the Data Grid to be automatically restored (pinned) and to stay restored (pinned) until I hit F2 to unpin/minize it again?

The only way around this behavior that I've been able to determine is to first F2 to restore/pin the Data Grid, F9 to run the query, then F2 again to unpin/re-minimize. Is there a way to eliminate the first F2 in that sequence, but get the same behavior?

The problem with this "workaround" (other than the initial F2 keystroke) is that if I have Desktop Panels docked on the right and the bottom, then the F2 operates on both the right and bottom pannels.

It would be nice if LEFT-CTRL + F2 operated on the Desktop Pannels docked on the bottom and RIGHT-CTRL + F2 operated on the Desktop Panels docked on the right. This way Desktop Panel pin toggling could be controlled based on the location. It would be nice if something similar were added for LEFT-SHIFT + F2 and RIGHT-SHIFT + F2 to maximize the Desktop Panels docked on the bottom and right, respectively. It seems SHIFT + F2 only operates on the bottom dock.

When a Desktop Panel is minimized/unpinned, pressing SHIFT + F2 does not do anything, it has to first be restored/pinned or maximized in order for SHIFT + F2 to work. Is there anyway to maximize a Desktop Panel when it is unpinned/minimized (without first restoring, then maximizing)?

It would be nice to leave all Destop Panels unpined (minimized) until I do something at which point that relevant Desktop Panel would unpin. For example, if I Execute Statement, then Data Grid would pin, if I explain a query then Explain Plan would pin, or if I Execute as Script then Script Output would pin. Then, when I was done reviewing that relevant Desktop Panel I could selectively unpin all by pressing F2, unpin only the bottom (LEFT-CTRL + F2), unpin only the right (RIGHT-CTRL + F2).

Because Desktop Panels can't be undocked, it makes managing the screen real estate even more important.

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