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How to keep unpinned Data Grid in view when moving the mouse

When an unpinned Data Grid slides into view after executing a query, if the mouse is not over the region in which the grid occupies, it slides back out of view immediately, not giving you time to look at the results. I’m finding myself having to add an extra step on every execution - slide the mouse up to the general area were the Data Grid is expected to slide into view, then execute the query. Even when doing so, moving the mouse around sometimes slides the results out of view again before I’m done looking at it. Sometimes it gets stuck and I can’t seem to get back to the query. All of which to say, is there a way to control the appearance/disappearance of an unpinned window by clicking something instead of being controlled by mouse position?

again - have you tried shift-f2 ???

also - there are sozens of predefined keyboard shortcuts - see help - and you can redefine the keys to any you prefer