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Desktop Panel Double Arrow Window Size Adjustment

It seems that the area to click to resize the Desktop Panel Size is about two pixels thick. It sure would be nice if this was a bit thicker.

These Desktop Panels have to be adjusted due to the odd pinning behavior, how keyboard shortcuts (F2) are tied to both the bottom and right panels and cannot be controlled independently, and how Desktop Panels cannot be undocked. This makes manual adjustment even more important. It is already annoying having to manually adjust these window sizes, but then I'm given all of about 2 pixels to do this.

Toad for Oracle

I agree, the resize area is ridiculously small. We use some third party code for that docking component and they don't make it easy to increase the resize area. I think I found a trick though. It's too late to add to 14.2 (coming out in less than a month) but I can add it to the next version after that.