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Disable SQL Recall

Due to security concerns, my company does not allow any queries that are ran against production databases to be stored on my workstation. I was recently flagged in an audit due to the Toad SQL Recall XML which displays the queries ran via Toad in plain text. 

Going to Tools > Editor > Tools I can change the default value of SQL Recall from 100 to 1. The value 0 is not an option and there is no way to disable this feature.

I urgently recommend that there should be a way to disable SQL Recall.

Eric Sheridan


We have created TDB-3543 to track this request.

This will be considered as an enhancement for a future release.


In our 7.0.3 version we delivered the ability to turn off SQL Recall by specifying 0 (zero) in the Tools - Options - Editor - Tools - SQL Recall 'Number of statements to display'.