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Displaying large numbers in Toad for Oracle 10.6


I am running a script that creates a table with several fields. One of theose fileds contains a 12 digit number field. I am pulling this field directly from a source table - i.e no calculations

The script output always displays this field in scientific notation, even when I “uncheck” the “Display large numbers in Scientific notation” button in the “Toad options” screen.

Is there a way to force it to display a 12 digit integer?


When runing as script, Toad is trying to behavie like SQLPlus. And here is how SQLPlus acts:

SCOTT@XESSD> select 12345678901234 x from dual;



SCOTT@XESSD> col x format 999999999999999999999999990






would this be the syntax? I can’t get it to run

select distinct


column r.ASSIGNMENT_ID format 999999999990 as “Assignment ID”,



If running as script…

col Assignment ID format 999999999999999999999999990

Select r.ASSIGNMENT_ID “Assignment ID”,


If you run with F9 then you don’t need to include the COL commands. The Scientific Notation option will handle that for you.


Oops I forgot to add the double quotes. Here is a working example.

col “Assignment ID” format 999999999999999999999999990

Select 12345678909876543 “Assignment ID”

from dual;


That worked, but I had to put double quotes around the column name in the col statement like this:

col “Assignment ID” format 99999999999990

select distinct

I am running as script and the scientific notation ooption did not work, unless I am misunderstanding how to use it.


Does using “f9” differ from using the “Execute as Script” icon?


Yes, F5 is for running scripts, multiple statements in the editor, emulates SQL*Plus. F9 is for running single statements/compiling

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Does using “f9” differ from using the “Execute as Script” icon?

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Thanks, I always use the icon on the desktop for scripts