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display only schema users with objects

Used to be I could display LHS in Schema browser only users that owned schema objects. When I attempt same in 11r2 (treeview) I get:

  1. Logon Schema
  2. Other Schemas[all users]
  3. Users[number of schema users with objects]

But I can not see anything under the 3rd branch! Not even for the current schema user which definitely owns objects.

In prior versions of toad there was an option under Schema Browser:LHS to “only show users that own objects”.

But this is gone in 11r2?

Hope this simple, check box is around somewhere and I dont have to configure with some kind of schema browser filter for every connection I make ?

appreciate any help - I can be taught

Right-click on the “Users” node and choose “Filter Users”. Then make sure the filter options are set to show whatever users you want.