Display some info on MouseOver on an entity in a diagram

Use the MouseOver event on an entity in a diagram to display some info, like its name and Description.
This would be particularly helpful when working with models on a zoom level too small to read.

Hi Paul,

We already use the MouseOver to display notes, but a nice thing for a user would be a possibility to set the content displayed.
I have created enhancement request CR 85139.

Thank you very much. We do appreciate your feedback!

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Paul, anyway, what would you expect to have displayed in this way via MouseOver, or what would you want to be able to set for viewing through this? We’re trying to get most of it, to get the best reason.
To be able to read a zoomed out entities, you can easily use Loupe tool, which can be, by default, found under View menu or on the toolbar right to the Move hand icon.
Please, try just brainstorming some suggestions flashing on your mind.

Thank you very much.