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Documentation for specific entities



i have around 300+ tables in my model, now i am forced to create ER diagram for the entire model. is there any way to create documentation ( Like ER diagram) only for few tables ?




yes it is possible. Reverse engineer your physically existing database and database structure will be displayed in form of a diagram.

Create new Workspace and add only few entities to it (you can select several entities on your existing workspace, right click any of them and choose Add into new workspace.)

Then do modifications (change layout and position of tables etc.) and generate HTML/RTF/PDF reports.



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hi Vaclav

thanks for the update, i have tried it . the problem is i am not able to see the relational link since it is added from a different workspace …

please see the attached file …




right click your workspace and choose Add Selected Objects to Workspace and then choose links you wish to add to your workspace.

Or… you can activate the Select Links Automatically option in menu Objects, then select entities on your main workspace and use right click option to add entities and relationships to new workspace.

If you have an entity that has a reference to another entity that you don’t want to have on your workspace then the relationship line cannot be displayed - because end point is missing. You can use graphics instead of entities, e.g. Label Quadrangle.