How to add entities to an ERD and get TDM to draw the relationships?


I have used the “reverse engineering” feature to get our database schema into Toad Data Modeller.

I can drag an entity into the ERD right click and select “Fill Child Objects” for example and this will put the child entities and automatically put in the relationships from the reverse engineered domain.

I would like to be able to drag an existing entity into the diagram that I know already has a relationship with an entity already in the diagram and I would like the tool to draw that relationship on the diagram. How can I get it to do this?


Hi Marc,

If the Fill… options are not sufficient, you can add shortcuts of objects via the WS right-click option Add Selected Objects to Workspace.

E.g. you have two entities (shortcuts of entities) on the WS and want to add the relationship (shortcut of relationship) that connects to two entities.

  1. Right-click the WS and select Add Selected Objects to Workspace.
  2. Disable the Shapes button, enable just the Links button to see only shortcuts of relationships.
  3. Find the relationship (the entities that it connects are named in the columns Object1 and Object2).
  4. Click OK.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please write me back. Thanks.



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Thank you for your response it was very helpful and essentially answered my query although I just wondered whether the tool can automatically pick up this relationship when both entities are in the diagram instead of me manually having to find the relationship and insert it?

Thanks for your help.

Hello Marc,

No, unfortunately, there isn’t any automatic way to do this. Sorry.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.