Don't open undocked reults windows until the query had completed

I like to undock my results window and show it full screen. If I have previously run a query, it is confusing when Data Point pops up the undocked results window as soon as I click execute because it looks like the previous results in the window are for the query that is currently running. The green status bar helps but sometimes the reulsts pop up is hiding that.

Preferred solution would be to not to see the results window until the query is complete. Other option would be to grey out the results window while a query is running.


Quick question - have you tried limiting the number of results you return to 1 ?

Just tried that. It still pops open the results window and shows the previous results while the new query is running :frowning: Also, I really like the abillity to have previous tabs held in memory so I wouldn't want to use that as a workaround. I reffer to them often instead of re-running queries. Thanks!

Another solution is to show a status bar on top of the results window while the query is running like DBeaver.