Result tab folding/hiding

In new release (15.1) when result tab is unpined then after execute query or check execution plan it will pin automatically.
My suggestion is to add option to decide witch behavior is preferred.

Messages tab in Pl/Sql editor have same bug. Before version 15.1 it worked fine.

The change was intentional. If you run a select or do an Explain Plan, etc, you want to see the output, right? Why would you run a SELECT if you didn't want to see the result?

In 15.0 and prior, the hidden panels would briefly slide up and then disappear. That seemed pretty useless, because then you'd have to manually make the hidden panel appear to see what's in it.

You can hit F2 to hide the panels again.

F2 hides all panels (navigator, result, plan, ...)
And this 'briefly' is what I want because SQL result or plan is from PL/SQL that I editing.
I look to data by pointing it using mouse and go back to editing - everything hides and don't bother.
Now if I have many working/editor tabs (some with PL/SQL, some with SQL) result tab is pinning for all of them when I strictly want them to hide.

Well, I thought this might be a controversial change, so I left a way for you to revert to old behavior:

  1. Shut down Toad
  2. Find Toad.ini, edit with notepad.
  3. Search for: RePinEditorWhenDataPresent=1, change to RePinEditorWhenDataPresent=0
  4. Save and close Toad.ini

Yes - very controversial, expecialy when working with many editor tabs and some of them are PL/SQL only. This 'repin' option 'steal' working area.
Also this change says 'I/We know better what users that unpin tab whants'.
Glad You add that option in ini file but would be better if it exists in gui - then no need to create SR and post that idea.

Also this change says 'I/We know better what users that unpin tab whants'

Well, not exactly. The idea actually came from a user who unpins the tabs. They wanted the tabs to re-pin after SELECT, explain plan, etc.

In my mind than behavior isn't logical.
But if this was user suggestion then I apologise for unnecessary comment.

It's OK, I understand your point of view too. I will add a visible option to revert to old behavior

Oops, I forgot! I made this a visible option in 15.1!

Options -> Editor -> Behavior -> Restore unpinned panels on new data

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Oops, I missed it.
In that case sorry for the confusion.

Don't feel bad. I added that option to Toad and I forgot about it too!