Downloaded the lastest commercial version of TDP - now getting an new error

I have downloaded the latest commercial version of of TDP and am now getting the following error from an automation script that has been running with no errors.

Lookup Error
Got error 4208 '{92374} ODBC data source returned an error: ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server P009 ’ from HUB

When I look at the “Lists” under the tables tab in TDP I now see 2 entries for each list. One is the actual list name, the other has the list name with “Resolved” appended. The lists have a column that is a “choice” called “Resolved”. If that column is not present, the 2nd instance of the list does not appear in TDP. Could this be casuing the error?

I have other export scripts that have the same sql query structure and export to a list with a “choice” column that are still working.

I don’t recognize what is occurring. I am assuming you are using a Cross-Connection query in your automation script? What happens when you execute that in a Cross-connection editor? This also sounds like you will need to open a support case so we can gather all that we need to figure out what is occurring.

Ignore this post. I restarted all the servers and the problem went away. I do still get the 2 instances of the list.