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Dropped Public Database Links still show in Navigator Tree, break app when clicked


Hi, I’m looking for suggestions on how to refresh the PUBLIC / Database Links area of the DB Navigator to remove the names of Database Links that no longer exist. My viewer contains duplicates of many entries, both with, and without the domain extension (.WORLD). I’ve found that executing a DROP on an entry without a domain extension removes the object from the database, but the view is not refreshed. Clicking on the object a second time raises the error “object not found”, and at that point, the application will no longer open objects by double-clicking on them. I’ve observed this behavior since version 5.5.4, so nothing new, just hoping for a hint on how to overcome it. Thanks in advance


Issue resolved by one of our DBA’s. The solution involved a temporary change to a property associated with the domain settings on remote links, which when set, would allow the DBA to drop the database links without a domain. SQL*Navigator is correctly reporting the links that exist in the database


Hi craig_a_seal,

Thanks for your post, it seem that you have resolved the issue.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know and we will try to improve it.