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How do I export a Data Model to an XSD schema?

How do I export a Data Model to an XSD schema?

Is it possible with TDM 3.2 at all?

I found a small note that I have to do a “Transform” of the “output”.
But this refers to v3.3.

Does this work in v3.2. as well or only in the beta?

How exactly (step-by-step) can I do this?
I found no “Transform” menu or checkbox in V3.2.


Hi Peter,

XSD export is not supported in TDM v. 3.2.
It is a new feature that you can find in current Beta at the moment. Of course, it will be implemented in the upcoming full version 3.3.x.

So, feel free to download the Beta and test this new feature.
Beta download:

You can install TDM Beta and TDM full/trial on one PC. Beta uses different config files, so no problem should occur.

Flash movie on Beta :

How to generate .xsd file from your ER diagram in TDM:

  1. Enable Expert Mode: Settings | Options | General | select the Expert Mode checkbox.
  2. Open your model. (If you have more models opened, activate workspace of the model that you like to export to XSD.)
  3. Select Tools | Generate XSD File. The .xsd file will be generated.
    The generated .xsd file is stored by default at:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler Beta\Reports
    (This is a location in Beta.)

Please check out this new feature and let us know your feedback. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me back. Thanks.



I’ve downloaded and installed V3.3.3.3, and have the following comments:

  1. Several times, the application has “frozen” while changing a relationship line to right angles. A shutdown and restart was necessary.

  2. We were excited to see that XSD was supported. However, it did not do what we hoped it would - namely, convert the contents of our data model to XSD. What it does, apparently, is to convert the structure (metadata) to an XSD file. Or, am I missing something?


Thanks for your reply.
AD1] Sorry to hear about the trouble. How many relationships do you have?
We tested it in a model with 257 relationships (Change Lines to Right Angled option). It took less than a second to accomplish this task.
Thanks in advance for more details.

AD2] Our team is interested to know your requirements. Please check out your Private Messages section here in the community for my message.

Thanks very much!



Hello Vladka, I have the same needs for exporting data model to an XSD shema? is there any trace of it in this tool?

Hi Igors,

Toad Data Modeler version 3.3 will allow users to generate XSD files for their models, however, those XSD files just describe structure of *.TXP files. Try to save a physical model -> it will be saved in TXP format. Rename the TXP file to XML and open it in XML editor. You will see XML file structure. The generated XSD describes structure of this XML format.

Also, it will be is possible to generate simplified XML file from Toad Data Modeler version 3.3 (via Model | Reports / XSL Transformation…). We will offer users simplified XML files and also XSD that will describe the structure of simplified XML files.

Both features, both types of XSD files will just describe the structure of XML files. You will not be able to generate XSD for your entities, attributes and so on.

But… Few weeks ago I created an XSLT file that allows one of our customers to generate XSD for entities, attributes, domains… This template was based on his requirements and I am not sure if the same template will be useful for you. If you can, please send me more information about what you want to model in TDM and what you want to generate. What would be perfect is a sample model and a file with output you wish to generate. Please send us both files to Thanks!



Hi Vaclav,

I am having the same problem. I am trying to generate an XSD format of my physical entities, but I could not. Additionally, I tried to reach out to you via the email you provided, but did not receive any acknowledgments yet. Do you think you can help me create an XSLT template that allows me generate XSD for my physical model entities?. Please let me know. Thanks,