How to convert Toad data model in XSD format

I have created a data model in TDM 6.1 and trying to generate the XSD file for the same workspace using

  1. Enable Expert Mode: Settings | Options | General | select the Expert Mode checkbox.
  2. Open your model. (If you have more models opened, activate workspace of the model that you like to export to XSD.)
  3. Select Tools | Generate XSD File. The .xsd file will be generated.

The model looks like this -

but XSD file doesn't look correct as per the model. Not sure if any settings are missing. When I am importing the XSD file in any other data modelling tool , the generated model contains some other information.

I tried to upload the xml file but it doesn't allow me to add screenshot or xml code (File contains 300 lines of code). The xml file doesn't contain any keyword like "Student" or "Dept" etc relevant to data model.
Also, let me know how I can share the xml file or screenshot of it here.


XSD is XML Schema Definition - describe and validate the structure and content of an XML document. It is primarily used to define the elements, attributes and data types the document can contain.

XML document is in saved TXP file.


Ok so how to import the XSD file in any other data modelling tool.