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Edit data in grid is not possible for all tables

This is in version 13.2, 64-bit.

If I do "edit table_a" I can edit the data in the grid and the "green light" is lit, as in my old version of Toad.
If I do "edit table_b" the grid is read-only and the editable-icon is red.

The only difference I have found between the two tables is that table_b is index-organized. Would this affect the ability to edit it's data?

Kind regards


Hi Tomas,

Editing of data in IOTs has been identified as a bug in Toad 13.2. Insert/Delete/Update statements will still work, but editing in the grid is not working. It will be fixed soon in 13.3 beta.

Sorry about that. :frowning:


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Hi John,

ouch, but better to know than wonder :slight_smile:
Thanks for a quick reply.