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Edit Login Record / LDAP / TOAD for Oracle

TOAD for Oracle, version
Task: creating/updating LDAP connection information.

Please change the behavior of the LDAP Descriptor text box. It is very annoying to me when I cannot make a very simple edit without having the existing entry completely wiped out. Often times, I only need to change one letter in the string of some 20 characters, but I have to enter the entire string each time a change is made, because any attempt to edit blanks out the existing entry! Who thought that was a good idea?

Another annoyance: When I update my Oracle account (schema) password in a TOAD session [Session > Change Password], it will change for that connection just fine. But, if I then close this connection and immediately try to reconnect, I have to re-enter the same password even though I have the Save Passwords option checked. My change does not "stick" until I change the password in the right-hand section shown in this picture, with the green arrow. My expectation is that if I successfully connect, and change the password via Session > Change Password, that this same password will be updated in the initial connection screen information.

Thank you,
Tom Wickerath