Edit Scheduler Jobs Potential Issue

Not sure if this is tied to my permissions, an Oracle limitation, or a Toad Bug. I created a Scheduler Job via the Toad Create Scheduler Job GUI and added the default Email Notifications. That works fine. I then decided I wanted to change the To address on Notifications. If the RHS is Scheduler Jobs and the LHS of Schema Browser is the Notifications Tab, when you highlight a notification and click the Edit pencil, you are taken into the full Edit Scheduler Job GUI, which is fine. You can now double-click a Notification it pulls up the Edit Notification screen where you can change the Recipient for example and press OK. The change now appears in the list of Notifications. If you click "Show SQL" you get a "No Changes Have Been Made" popup. You get the same if you click the OK on the Alter Scheduler Job window. My next thought was to remove the current Notifications and add them back with to ne Recipient address, the Delete option never becomes enabled.


Hi Michael,

I have a flag in the ALTER object windows that is supposed to get set to TRUE if you change anything. If it's false, you get the "No changes" message. Sounds like I'm just not setting it for the change you made. I'll check it out tomorrow. I'll bet it you change something else in there (so the flag gets changed), in addition to the notification, then both things will get updated in the Show SQL. I'll check on it tomorrow.


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