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The last few times it is not possible for Toad to do the update automatically. This is not the first time (more the third or the fourth). After every report this has been repaired, but after a while someone decides probably that another approach is better and it is change again so that it does not work, again…

This is the error I see when I to Help / Check for Updates

Check Beta Update

Error: Error downloading URL:

As before, I am still behind a authenticating proxy, which should not be a problem if you use the previous method to check and update as you did before (and before and before)…

Sorry, no harm done, I’ll use the website to update, but it is sometimes annoying.




Schema Browser: From Idea #370 in Idea Pond: Added the ability to clear the main LHS filter for just the current object type, leaving filters for other object types intact. Added the ability to save filter settings for just the current object type into a SBFLT file. When such a file is reloaded, current settings for other object types are not changed. Task Scheduler:

The task scheduler inside Toad has been completely rewritten, and now supports both Task Scheduler 1.0 (XP and lower) and 2.0 (Vista and higher) functionality. Some of the key features include:

Task Scheduler 1.0

  • Clicking the “Advanced” button on the wizard shows the default Windows task properties dialog
    Task Scheduler 2.0
  • Multiple actions per task are now supported
  • Multiple triggers per task are now supported
  • Advanced options are now supported; such as task delays, repeating tasks, expiring tasks, idle settings, etc.
  • The task properties dialog is modeled after the standard Windows task properties dialog, and should provide the same functionality
    Current limitations:
  • Mail action: email attachments aren’t working properly yet
  • The order of actions cannot be moved up or down inside of Toad
  • Tasks are currently being placed in the root task folder. Folder support is not yet implemented (Vista and higher).

Test/Reconnect: Added ability to reconnect just the active connection. Right-click on toolbar and choose “Restore defaults” to make the new menu item appear.


Now you can participate in beta discussions directly within the Toad 12 Beta release.

You need a single sign-on (SSO) account* and registration is easy.

Via the Toad menu, go to View | Forums

…or go to Help | Toad World:

- Forums

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- Sign In or Register*

- Forgot Pwd

Once registered, participate through email:

  • If you already have a SSO account, just log in.


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