losing email settings

Hello, in toad options, i hav been able to set my email settings and have a send test email successfull.

i clicked apply and ok. nevertheless, using preview in reports manager, i got error message that no email settings are done.

when i schedule to send an email report i get consequently nothing.

i tried to edit manually the toadmail.ini but it get reset at each time.

i also tried to install the toad for oracle 12.7beta but it does not want to start because it can’t find 12.5 (of course i have 12.6?)

can you help me?


I don't think anything has changed in the beta regarding Reports Manager and email settings.

Did you make the settings for Reports Manager? (Notice the "Window" dropdown).

Also, I noticed you said that you are trying to schedule an email report. Does it work if you just run a report manually and try to email it (from the "export" menu in fast reports)? When you run it that way, you'll get a prompt for subject and recipient, but after you supply that information, it should send the email.


thank you John. this was the error i made: i didn’t select the window with reports manager.

it just test on the run on demand and it works. i will see on schedule what happen but it should works.

Hello, is there a possibility to send image or pdf or something like that without being in attachment? directly in the body of the message.

thank you in advance.


Hi Laurent,

No, sorry, they are always attachments.