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Editor background color


How can I set the editor background color to black?


Thank you for your input
CR 78416 is created


I’m a new user of Toad for SQL Server and would also like to darken the editor’s background color.

Does “CR 78416 is created” mean that you submitted a feature request? If so, where can I track this issue?



Hi Jim,
we mark all fixed CRs in release notes for every release.


Hi Alexander

Just wondering if there it is possible for users to see the list of outstanding Enhancement Requests?

Thanks in advance



Hi Karl,
unfortunatelly it’s some kind of internal document, therefore it is available only for the Toad team. Sorry.


And btw, 78416 has been resolved and the enhancement should be available in
5.0.2 patch.



OK, now I can set the editor background to black but I can’t reconfig other colors (keywords, etc.) so changing backgroud to black w/out being able to change other colors is not helpful.


Please see Tools\Options\Editor\Highlighting Styles - it seems to me that it is what you need.
See attach.



I’m kind of jumping in in the middle here, so forgive me if I’m

You have to go in to the Tools - > Options -> Editor ->Highlight Styles
and select the language/version of SQL Server you are using. So for me that
would be “SQL (SQL Server 2005)” and then change the styles for
Text, Data Type, Quoted Identifiers and everything else to the foreground and
background colors you want.

Mike Webster