Editor content lost when window popped out

I am using TOAD I had code in an editor window when I decided to pop the window out. All of the code was lost. I tried this multiple times to confirm it is a bug

Hey Brian, thanks for notifying... can you outline the exact steps to reproduce? This will help our engineers to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Open Toad for Oracle editor
  2. Enter some text
  3. Pop out window




You may just need to unpin the Messages/Data Grid panel. Sometimes that lower panel entirely covers up the editor. There is also a slider control.


Seems like a legit bug. I can reproduce this.

I’m curious, did you try it? If so, there must be something different in our environments. Its Windows, of course there is something different.

  • Those panels are unpinned
  • There is a horizontal slider but nothing in the text area
  • I am able to add text to the text area and execute it
    • The text is not color coded
  • When I add text a vertical slider appears.
  • If I pop in the window, the text I pasted in while it was popped out is lost.
  • If I have two or more tabs, contents are lost from the right-most tab, but not the others.
  • The tabs that kept their contents kept their color coding.

Example 2:


Fixed for next beta.

Thanks. My biggest fear when I report something like this is that it is only happening to me and I am wasting other people's time.

Hi Brian,

Please don't ever hesitate to report a bug. Reports of "hard to reproduce" or just a little less frequent bugs are what make forum users so valuable to us. If you didn't report this, it might have gone out in version 16.0 next month.