Editor: copy field name when drag a field from grid to editor


currently when you drag a field header from result grid to editor, this column field is removed from grid:


I would like to propose, that doing the same action, perhaps pressing ctrl, alt or shift key, instead remove the field from the grid, copies the field name in the editor. Is should be an easy way to copy field names from result grid to the editor.


There are a couple of ways that you can get field names.

  1. Click the little thing in the top-left corner of the grid. Then you can select (or multiselect) the column names that you want, CTRL+C, and then you can paste that into the editor


  1. you could also use code completion. double-click the field you want, or select/multiselect and hit return.

I feel like there is another way that I'm forgetting.

Thanks a lot,

I already knew these options. I think that dragging it from results it's faster. Anyway the options you indicated are the options I use.

Thanks again,