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Editor window size

Can I get a full screen editor window in TOAD for long SQL scripts?

When you have a large file in the editor window, or any size file for that matter, simply right-click on the editor window and choose ‘format code’. This will make your code easier to read by formatting it for an 80 column screen. You can also set various formatting parameters for your files. Things like comma placement, tab placement, etc.

F2 in the Editor will minimize/restore the lower 1/2 of the screen, which I know isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but there isn’t any way to pop the text editing part out of Toad and make it fill your whole monitor.

Thanks Mark. I’m familiar with the Format Code option. I probably didn’t phrase the question very well. The problem is I’m working with a 1600 line function, so it would be helpful to see more of it at one time. I appreciate your response, though!

Thanks John. That answers my question - although not the answer I was hoping for. :o)

Ah. Maybe a 60 inch monitor? LOL