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Email on Error not working

I’m Running TDA 2.7(RO). I’m trying to setup email on error because it wasn’t setup in the past and reports weren’t running and the scheduler said everything was fine. Please see attached. I have tried different email users, authenticate and non-authenticated. I have telneted into the email server and that works just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks


SQL.doc (40 KB)

Hello Ernest,

I want to make sure I understand your problem correctly. So, you’re saying that your script always had an error (specifically, “Activity ‘Export_1’ validation failed: The export template file does not exist”) but sending e-mail on error was not defined. Now you want to set up sending error e-mail in case this problem emerges but for some reason your emails are not sent, right?

In any case I would like you to send me your Automation script (tas file) in question and the log file after you run your script with Logging Level set to Verbose. Log file is stored in the Application Data directory (Help > About > Application Data Directory > Automation) and has the same name as Automation script file with the “log” extension. Please send both files to