ENHANCEMENT: Managing Tablespace Datafiles...

Is there any way to change the selection “Add Oracle Managed File” on
the “Datafile Definition:” window to be sticky? or at least have a check
(like found in other places) to remember my selection? We always use
Oracle Managed Files, here, and it seems that once you check it, it
should stay that way.

Thank you.

David A. Hicken
UtahToad at gmail dot com
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I’m wondering if sometimes there is something wrong with me or with YahooGroups. I didn’t ever see a response to this.

I’m neglected and lonely. I have no life. I’m a DBA.


Hi David,

Sorry – it seems that I never got to this one. I remember looking for a
way to tell if a file was OMF, but the only way to do that was to guess based on
the file name, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Then I probably got
side tracked!

I think we can make it remember, as long as OMF is configured for whatever DB
you are on.


Hi David. OK, starting next beta – that checkbox will remember its state
on a per-database basis.