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Highlight entity or Relationship if selected in physical model Explorer



just a “may be nice to have”. If I an entity, relationship, view or something what is diplayed in Workspace will be selected on the physical model, may be the “thing” in the Workspace could gray in ( or lightblue or something ).



Hi Linus,

Please select e.g. a particular entity in Model Explorer | unfold its Shortcuts folder and double-click the selected shortcut of the entity. The selected shortcut will be selected on the WS.
In other words, you have to select a shortcut of the object in Model Explorer (not just an entity or relationship…). The entity can have a lot of shortcuts on many workspaces, so TDM needs to know on which WS you want to highlight the object.




Hello Vladka,

I can select an entity on the model explorer and double click the entity will be selected. It shows little bullets on the side, but if you have all entities displayed on the workspace and the pictures are small, you can not see what is selected. Only if you have a bigger resolution he moves the entity in the middle of the workspace.
And all of this happens, if you mode the cursor in the workspace not at the time you doubleclick.
May be it is working like designed.



Hi Linus,

yes, it is working as designed. If you have all entities displayed in a workspace and the shapes are too small, then the bullets might not be visible. But there is no method how to “center” the workspace to selected entity, because all objects are in your workspace. Please zoom in and then double click the shotcut in Model Explorer to make it well visible.

I can also recommend you to use Loupe and Overview. See menu View | Loupe and View | Overview.