Switch to item when selected

Hi, I searched for how to do this, but couldn’t find an answer, perhaps someone here will know. When I click an entity in the Physical Model Explorer, is there a way for that entity to automatically become the one selected or focused on in the workspace? It should also work the opposite way as well, if I click on an entity in the workspace, the associated entry in the Physical Model Explorer should become the selected item. Let me know if I need to add this as an enhancement request, or if there is already a way to implement this.

Thanks in advance!


The objects you see on the WS are graphical representatives (shortcuts of objects).
In Model Explorer (ME) you can see a list of objects that exist in the model.
One object can have lots of its shortcuts (or even none) - on lots of WS or even on one WS.
When you click an entity in ME, TDM doesn’t know which shortcut you want to see.
So, select an entity in ME, unfold its Shortcuts folder and double-click the selected shortcut -> it will be highlighted on the WS.

Movie on shortcuts:

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.