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Enhancement on Reverse-Engineering - Stored Aliases Tab



I think it would be useful to have a browse button to allow user to load the Stored “Aliases” so that we could send the stored alias to another machine, than the other people can use the same aliases.

Many thanks



Hello Chi,

Thank you for your suggestion.
First off, I’d like to say that aliases are stored by default at:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler (Beta)\Aliases.
You can change the path in the Settings menu | Options | Reverse Engineering.

So, you can change the paths to aliases, or you can get an alias from your colleague and copy it to the directory where aliases are stored.

To better understand what you mean (your intention), we’d like to ask you for more details.
See below our suggestions (their combination is possible):

  1. Loading of aliases from more locations - advantage: You could store aliases of each your colleague in another directory and then simply delete the directory if necessary. (You wouldn’t have to select which alias was from which colleague to delete it.)
  2. Button to reload aliases - if aliases are loaded once and you copy another aliase to already existing aliases, TDM must be restarted to load them. The Reload Aliases button would do this automatically.

Please write us which option (or combination) best fits your needs.

Thanks very much.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka

I would prefer to load the aliases from different location. So that when I set up the project, I could save the aliases under specific folder (just like saving a document from Office application) When I copy the whole project across to my colleague, they could find the aliases from the project as well. It would be quite useful to for comparing model, so that they know the current model is on which database, then they can run reverse engineering wizard and compare the stuff from database.
Reload button would be useful if TDM need to restart before changes of aliases can apply.

Please let me know if you want me explain more.

Many thanks



Hi Chi,

Thanks very much for your reply.

Load the aliases from different location - CR # 50 169
Reload Aliases button - CR # 50 168.

Thanks for your fantastic co-operation!