Enhancement on Workspace


About mouse click

I think it would be useful to have someextra features for the Right mouse click on the workspace. E.g. Whenuser Right Click on empty space on the workspace and mouse menu couldpop up with, Add Entity, View, Note, Stamp and Category…etc

At the moment, when user right click onempty space, it only displays “Workspace format”, “Complete AllFrom Model” and “Complete from Model…”

User could easily add the object to thedesired place without the need to clicking on the menu bar for theobject.

About short-cut key

I understand that TDM has provided someshort-cut key for it. At the moment after the user pressed theshort-cut key, they need to click on the workspace to indicate wherethe user want to put the object. I would be grateful if it could justplace the Object some where on the page or where the user last clickon the work space. If the user pressed the short-cut key severaltime, then the object will offset a little bit so the user can seethe number of object they tried to create from short-cut key.

E.g. User may want to create severalEntity to the workspace, when they get into Entities properties, theycould just change the properties/ Entity name …etc from “Entitiesproperties”. Therefore, it would be better to create an new Entityon the work space, without the need to mouse click on the workspaceto indicate where to put the entities. As the Entity could be quitelarge , according to the number of the fields and the name of thefields.

Please let me know if you want me toexplain more.

Many thanks


Hello Chi,

Let me mention a few options that TDM 3 offers you to and that you might find helpful to use.

A. In the situations you describe, you can use:

  • pop-up menu of Version Manager. Simply right-click the selected item (Entity, Category, View) | Add.
  • Model menu | select e.g. Entities or Views… | Add in the appropriate dialog.

B. In TDM3, the Auto Complete function is available.

  • Where is it?: It’s in the Workspace Format option | General tab. (Default setting for new models can be found in the Settings menu | Options | Physical/Logical model).

  • How does it work?: For each WS of your model, you can select this option. If it’s selected, a shortcut of the object you create will be added to the WS automatically.

  • Model situation:
    You have WS1 (Auto Complete enabled), WS2 ( Auto Complete enabled), WS3 (Auto Complete disabled).


  1. You add an entity to WS1 (e.g. CTRL+E). -> See the entity (shortcuts) in WS1 and also WS2.
  2. You add an entity in WS3 (CTRL+E). -> See the entity only in WS3.
  3. You select Model | Entities | Add. -> Entity that you create in this dialog will be automatically added to WS1 and WS2.
  4. You add an entity in Model Explorer. -> See the entity in WS1 and WS2.

I think the example 4 (and also 3) can help you to solve the problem described in your example:

  • You’re editing an entity in its Properties dialog and suddenly find out you need to add two more entities. Solution:
  1. Leave the Entity Properties form open.
  2. Simply right-click the Entity item in Model Explorer | Add. (Do it twice for two entities).
  3. Feel free to select the newly created entities from the Object Navigator combo-box of the currently opened Properties form to edit them.

Let me go back to step 2. - Shortcuts of the newly created two entities will be automatically added to those Workspaces of your model where the Auto Complete option is enabled. (So you don’t have to click the work area.)

C: Additional tip:
Let me note that in TDM3, you can also easily create shortcuts. E.g. directly from the Entities dialog to WS (Model | Entities), or simply directly from Model Explorer to WS.

Back to our model situation: You need to have the Auto Complete option disabled for the WS3 as you don’t want to add objects to this WS automatically. However, you find you do need to have the Entity1 in this WS3.
You leave the Auto Complete option disabled for this WS and create the shortcut of the Entity1 in this WS.

  • Complete from Model (in WS3)
  • Add into Workspace (in WS1 or WS2)
  • Click the Entity1 in Model Explorer (or Entities dialog), hold the button down. Press SHIFT + CTRL and drag it to WS where you need.


Well, I hope these tips will make your work in TDM3 much easier, and help you to avoid the problematic situations.
If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks! :slight_smile: