Enhancment about TOOLS-> the view/ widows that displays


I am wondering if it is possible to set any windows that is belong or under TDM

At the moment if you open up some other windows on TDM, E.g. TOOLS->Version Manager or Package Explorer OR Message Explorer. The windows will float on top of TDM main program (workspace). After we restore the windows size of TDM main program, the windows that we opened (E.g. Version Manager) still in the same size and same position.
I am wondering if it is possible to put everything(all the windows) inside TDM main program or could you allow user to make TDM to be float on top of the other windows when they click on it?

Please find the screen shot about the problem.

Sorry about do not know how to describe the problem, i cant remember if the other user has posted a similar topic before, (unfortunately but i am not able to find that post again). Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


windows layout.doc (184 KB)

Hello Chi,

I think I understand what you mean.
Here I’m with an explanation and tips for you:

TDM3 offers you a great feature - dockable panes, windows, dialogs, designers.

Let me give you an example (possibly you did right the following):

  1. I’ve modified the default look of the main TDM 3 window - closed some of the panes I didn’t need.
  2. Now I need to open some of them again (Version Manager, Package Explorer and Message Explorer). -> I open them via the Tools menu.
  3. What happens? - Now I have three windows floating on the main TDM3 window.

-> Let me explain that the windows are independent and behave the way you’ve described. However, you can do the following now:

a) dock them on the main TDM3 window where you like. (E.g. all of the three windows can be docked on tabs below the Application Window or below the Application View.)
Moreover, so as to have more space for modeling, you can simply hide(/show) them by clicking the splitter.

b) leave the windows undocked and simply minimize them. - They will not cover the main TDM3 window then.

Chi, I believe this information will help you a little. If you haven’t watched the ‘Dockable Panes’ movie, let me recommend you to have a look at it. Please see it at:

If you have more questions or any remarks, please write me back.