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TOAD 11 bug


Please check the following:

  1. Click on Tables node in your current schema
  2. Right-click on a table and choose Describe. A new window is opened with a lot of buttons in the taskbar.
  3. Try click on 'Alter Selected Table, ‘Analyze Table’, etc… ‘Estimate Size’, ‘Show Table in ER Diagram’, etc, etc…
  4. All these new pop-up windows appear behind the current window and there is no way to bring them to front!


Your describe window is probably configured as a “stay on top”,
which means it stays on top of Toad’s main form and can be dragged
anywhere on your screen (or to another monitor). Those other windows (alter
table, analyze table, etc) are MDI Children – which means they have to
stay inside Toad’s main form.

So, either move the describe window out of the way, close it, or uncheck the
“stay on top” checkbox on it. If you uncheck “stay on
top”, then the describe window will become a MDI Child, and will go into
Toad’s main window like the others.

Yeah, that’s going to happen as long as “stay on top” is checked in your
describe window.

Thank you Jdorlon, it is now resolved.