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TDM 6.3: wrong window decorations on Windows 10

I just installed TDM 6.3 and noticed that it still shows up in the “Windows 7” look even though I’m running windows 10

This is how the TDM title bar looks like :

This is how e.g. the title bar of the Windows Explorer looks like (on the same computer):

Why does TDM look like a Windows 7 application?

Hello Valued Customer,

could you please specify, if this look is only at main form (form with main menu and toolbars)? If not, please write what others forms has same problem.

It look like as bug and we will analyze it deeper.

Thank you Daril

It’s only the main window. The other dialogs are fine.

TDM 6.1 has the same problem.

I use the 64bit version if that makes a difference

Thank you for confirmation.

This issue is logged as TDM-3759 and will be fixed in some of next version. You can track it in release notes.