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Entity & Column Properties dialogs take long time to be displayed


I have a weird issue which I experienced in the past and made me stop using TDM temporary.

To summarize: when try to view the entity properties dialog for any table in my model it takes about 5 good seconds until the dialog shows up. The column properties is slightly faster but still ~3 seconds to show up.

TDM version: 64 bit
I am using a windows 2016 vm, Intel Xeon, E5-2650 v3 @2.30GHz (2 processors) with 16GB of RAM, 64 windows.
The model statistics:

After looking at the activity on the VM, I noticed that there was a background CPU usage from all the programs that I normally use of 20-25%.

I closed a few of them and I got the usage to about 9%. The table properties dialog now opens somewhat quicker ~3s. It's improved but not drastically.

I also use Power Designer and opening table properties in PD is pretty fast, instantaneous even with the all CPU usage in the background.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the performance - I am trying to get better hardware but until then is there anything else that can be done ? Is there any log that I can turn on to see where TDM is spending time?


I did some test and result are below

On the local computer 32GB RAM, i7 2,9GHz, Windows 10 (A lot of processes run)
Open Entity Dialog of Videorental (Sample Model)
I takes 900ms - 1400ms.

On the virtual machine VMWare, 6GB RAM, 2 Processors, Window 10 (just TDM run)
Open Entity Dialog of Videorental (Sample Model)
It takes 300ms - 500ms.

You can see that it is quicker on less performance machine. I think it dependent on other processes, maybe antivirus.
Please try to measure time on videorental model to eliminate some specific of your model.

Tip.: You can switch on option "Benchmark" to easy measure it. Result will be in Message Explorer

What can slow down TDM is

  • Opened Package Explorer
  • Activate a lot of Databases


Thank you for investigating - I am getting now even crazier opening times. But the CPU usage is higher as well.

When you open a dialog the app must execute some CPU intensive work. I opened the dialog for the same table over and over and it's not getting any better. The fact that it is CPU intensive might explain why the performance was worse on your local computer.

As I said, I hope to get better hardware but it might not happen.

Any other ideas? Can you please do some application profiling to see what it is spending CPU time on when you open a dialog? Perhaps you might discover something that can be improved. As I said, Power Designer doesn't have this issue - well, it's a different app.


More times:

In the last one I was building an app in the background. Basically, to use TDM I need to kill all the other programs or dedicate a special VM where nothing else runs :frowning:

I really hope there is something you can do :pray: .

I set the Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> Performance - Settings ...-> Advanced tab -> Adjust for best performance of: Programs and I rebooted the VM. Now the dialogs show up quicker:

Still, as you can see there is wild variation depending on the CPU load.

It is strange behavior. I think it should be something specific on your machine. What OS use your VM machine? I tried it only on Windows 10.
Toad Data Modeler use Microsoft Script Engine, which can be monitored by some antivirus programs. Is there any? Could you try to switch off it?


We use TrendMicro Office scan. It is impossible to disable it even as a local admin. We use windows 2016 (see my first message for details).

I would like to make one request. It looks like I can leave the dialogs open and minimize them. But I noticed that, when the properties dialog for a table is minimized and I click again on that table in the diagram, TDM doesn't restore the dialog automatically. I have to do it by hand, and if I have a bunch of minimized dialogs at the bottom of the window, I do not know which one is which. See the screenshot. Can you change the app and restore the dialog if it is minimized upon invoking the "Edit" action for tables?

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 10.23.08 AM