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Why is opening the entity properties dialog taking a few good seconds?

I have noticed this since version 2.* (the pre-Quest days).

When I open the entity properties dialog by clicking on an entity it takes currently 2-3 seconds. It is not instantaneous and I have a decent computer with an SSD. It becomes frustrating when I have to make changes to several entities and I use the pattern: open entity properties dialog, edit, close dialog, open another entity properties dialog, edit, close and so on.



there are significant differences between versions 2 and 4. In version 4 you can modify the forms, add custom items like tabs, combo boxes, checkboxes etc… and this is one of the reasons why it is a bit slower. Also, version 2 had modal dialogs, version 4 uses modeless mode.

Tip: edit entity, do changes, click Apply. Then use the combobox at top of the form to switch to another entity. You do not have to close the form and open another. You can stay on the same form and just populate the content from entity selected from the combo box. This should save you some time.



Thank you for the explanations.

Is there a setting that allows me to re-use the same entity properties dialog whenever I double-click on an entity? I don’t want to open another dialog I want to re-use the existing opened dialog.

Also, with regards to your suggestion, to select from the dropdown list the entity that you want, keep in mind that the combobox is read-only and that works well for 10 maybe 15 entities. If you have hundreds of entities - and all the systems that I worked with had at least a couple of hundred of entities - you end up wasting time searching through the list. Moreover, if the tables are prefixed with schema names, you can’t use the keys to navigate to the entity you want. For these reasons I never use that combobox to select an entity. I rather focus on an area and make changes there by double-clicking on the entity of interest.

My suggestion is to make this combobox editable (see the DevExpress comboboxes) and searchable (when you type something show all the items that contain the text entered rather than the items that start with that text), and/or, again, to re-use the same dialog.