Error connecting to Repository

When I try to save a file form the editor I get the messgae “Error connecting to Repository”

I cant find out where or how this repository is set/unset.

I dont want to use a respository just the normal file system

how do I get my normal file system savce back.

Ie turn off repsoitory
Error connecting to Repository.png

Which version of Toad are you using?

The repository has been disabled as of Toad 12.7, but in Toad 12.5 and 12.6, you can disable the repository by opening Toad’s Options window, going to the “Online” page, and selecting “Disabled” under “Script Repository”.


This can happen if some folder that was in Toad favorites was deleted/moved/renamed, and can be solved by removing it from favorites - Toad Options / Files /Open/Save Dialogs - Favorite folders.