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Toad for Oracle 12.1 Windows Explorer keeps spinning when try to open or save file or navigate to file directory

Toad is having some sort of issue all of a sudden. It was working fine but now everytime i am connected to the database and try to save or open a file by navigating to windows explorer to open or save, it spins and just sit there not responding. Any help is appreciated.


Anand M

Hi Anand,

Toad 12.1 is a pretty old version of Toad. I’m not sure if this the issue you’re running into or not; but back then, we were using custom open and save dialogs to open and save files from the editor. These dialogs used third-party components that sometimes had trouble resolving file and folder shortcuts when the destination file or folder was missing or unreachable.

I would recommend creating a clean set of user files through the Utilities -> Copy User Settings menu. That may fix your issue. If it doesn’t, check for shortcuts to non-existing files or folders within Windows Explorer (outside Toad), and if there are such orphaned shortcuts, remove them.


Thanks John. Yeah, Toad 12.1 seems to be pretty old but that’s all we have in our environment and it works for all but just one user. we tried creating a clean set of user files but it didn’t help much. Still having issue.

Start looking at possible network resources that are no longer available or slower than before. Do you have a mapped drive that is no longer accessible? If so, remove it and try again.