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Error when attempting to save TDP workbook

Just installed TDP 5, started a workbook, created a query, clicked save, and got this error:

When building a workbook we temporarily write in the users temp dir. When saving we write to whatever path you chose to save to. Where did you pres save from? File | Save, Save from workbook toolbar or right click from QB tab?

Weird, I am unable ti replicate the behavior as before. What happened was the first time I opened Workbook mode via the desktop shortcut, it immediately prompted me to give me workbook a name which I called "andrew workbook test" as seen in the above screenshot. Then when I attempted to save it after playing around a bit, it threw that error. Now though, every time I create a new Workbook, it doesnt prompt me to give it a name, and when I save it pulls up the save dialog as one would expect when first saving a file, and that works fine.

I am experiencing other strange behavior though, such as clicking "create a new workbook" not doing anything until there are at least 2 workflows. I'll create a new thread for this.

The first time you open workbook we prompt you to name the workbook from the middle of the intro page. We did this to help guide users into using workbook. After the first workbook we do not go back to use of that page. Pressing the + sign clears the activities and leaves the "Build Result Set" button. So a new workbook might look a little different.

Also, next month we will release version 5.0.4 where we have optimized the loading and saving of workbooks. if you were working on a large workbook perhaps it was not clear when we were done saving and closing the workbook.