Error when trying to get a create user script on old 8.1

Whe I try to get the create script for a user in and old 8.1 db I get:
The SELECT privilege is required on SYS.KU$_DEFROLE_VIEW
I understand that is a really very old version ( non a choice o mine )
Is there a workaroud?
I am using latest beta.
In commercial 17.0.341.1977 it works


Hi Mauro,

if you uncheck the option to include roles, then I don't think you'll get this error.

Thanks for reporting it. I'll fix it, even though we officially don't support any Oracle version older than 10.2.


Your workaroud works, thank you
And if you fix it even better.
I really appreciate that, especially considering that nowadays there should be no more 8.1 or 9 version in use.

Have a nice day