Error with Schema Compare in Toad 10.5


I’m having an issue using the schema compare feature of the TOAD DBA module.

I’m comparing schemas on 2 separate db instances , one is a v9.2 db and the other is the same as the first upgraded to v10.2.

I log on as system on both instances and then go to the schema compare I can successfully compare one schema, lets call that one schema1 but another, call it schema2, fails with an ORA-00942 : Table or view does not exist.

Using SQL Tracker the sql causing the problem is :

Timestamp: 14/05/2010 09:52:27

select table_name, column_name, xmlschema, element_name, storage_type
where owner = ‘SCHEMA2’

Error occurred: [942] (ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Which I assume is failing when it runs on the 9.2 instance as this doesn’t have this but the 10.2 instance does.

Tracking the sql for schema1 this piece of SQL isn’t executed for that compare, so why is it for schema2?

Any help is welcome as getting this working would be a big help.



That query is only executed if you have a table with an XMLTYPE column.

I see this view in my 9.2 databases.

Can you verify if it exists or if you just don’t have privileges on it?

John – is it possible that when DBA ran DBCA to create the database they
unchecked XML support or some other option that could make that disappear ???

I’ve never known Oracle to leave out data dictionary views based on
options, but could be.

I've never known Oracle to leave out data dictionary views based on options,
but could be.

Thanks for the legwork, Rich.

I’ve made a change to the next beta so it won’t barf if that view
doesn’t exist.

Jonathan – To get the error to go away in Toad 10.5, someone will have to
run catxdbv.sql on that database.


Okay John.

big thanks to everyone for your replies!