Errors when running Toad Automation script after upgrade from v2.6 to v3.0

Unable to cast object of type ‘DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.ReportPrintContextWin’ to type ‘DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.ReportPrintContext’.

This error is related to some of the reports.
They were working fine in V2.6 but now have have this error.

Any ideas?




I have just upgrade from version 2.6 to version 3.0

In some of my automation scripts I am creating reports into PDF format.
However some of the scripts are giving the following error when running.

I woudl suggest two things. The latest version of TDA is 3.1. It is usually best to be on the latest version.

I would try creating a new report and running in Automation and see if you have this same issue. We upgrade the component that generates the reports with each release and your report was made with a different version.

You can also try opening that report in the designer and resaving it. This action may make the file compatible with the latest version.

But make copies of all of your reports before doing this


Hi Debbie

Tried that, but still getting problems.
Of the 20 or so scheduled routines I am running I have had problems with 14 of them.
So had to revert back V2.6 to get these all to run again.

Going to try setting up a test server and then run the reports from this instead of doing an upgrade directly on my live server.
I would have hoped that everything which ran in V2.6 would run with no issues when upgrading V3.0
But alas did not happen.


Can you send me a couple of the Toad Data Reports and corresponding Toad Automation scripts? I can’t replicate this. Perhaps there is some object you are using in your reports that I am not using that is no longer compatible.


Send to and reference this post.


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