"Export_1 - The network path was not found" - help?

I have toad data point and I am connected to an oracle database for work.

I have automated many export files which run SQL and output the data to a sharepoint in the form of an excel file.

I have these scheduled each day and they work no problem most of the time, then randomly i get the error “export_1 - The network path was not found”.

The TXP file location should be:

C:\Users\public\documents\TOAD\TXP[File Name Here].txp

However i noticed it changes this location when i hit Run:

C:\Users\public\documents\TOAD\TAS…\TXP[File Name Here].txp

I have tried deleting my TXP and TAS files and recreating them using the Export Wizard to no avail.

Then it will seemingly fix itself and work again.

Why does it change the location it is looking in???

Thanks, James.

You are in the Toad for Oracle forum.

Toad Data Point forum is here: https://community.toadworld.com/products/toad-data-point/f/36