Error - path not of a legal form

See attached. The subject .tas file ran fine in 3.0, now will not run in TDP 3.3 with path error. Hard to diagnose what the problem is and hence the fix. Is this a documented known error?

I upgraded the .tas when first opening it in 3.3 without making any other changes. Suggestions?
PathNotLegalTDP3_3.pptx (162 KB)

Can you post the automation script and all dependent files? Or send to me directly at

Thanks, I’ve emailed the .tas file and loggings.

This is an error that occurred in TDP 3.3 but has been confirmed as fixed in TDP 3.4

I’m having this problem in TDP 3.5… Has there been an workaround or fix for this error?

The issue is usually specific to the set of activities and input data. Julian’s issue was resolved. Can you post your automation script, any dependent files, and the last log file that shows the error?

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Same thing happened to me in 3.5. I have 5 automation scripts chained together in 1 script. When I run it in the application it runs fine but when I schedule it throws the error.

Same. Looks like a chained automation of automation scripts I built in a previous version can no longer get itself to run through Windows Task Scheduler in 3.5. Any suggestions?

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We encourage you to try out the Toad Data Point Beta to see if this version has resolved your issues.…/22625.aspx

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