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Sql in xls button

I looked around and could not find where to ask for a new feature. Can you share the link.

My feature request is can you add to embed the sql statement in a separate tab when clicking on the xls button.

You probably know this, but just in case...

If you run with F9 and then right-click in the grid and choose "export dataset", you can get that like this:

For new ideas, from, click "Categories", then "Idea Pond". But honestly, here is fine too.

that is not the same thing, that only exports 1 grid.

That's true.

So with multiple grids and multiple statements, did you just mean to put the entire script on the last sheet? There are a lot of different ways this could be done.... Right now, I don't think those grids even know which statement they came from (they are tied to an in-memory dataset by the time you click the XLS button).

i would be ok with the entire edit page. Maybe not a great idea.