EXPORT DDL into sub-folders by Object Type

It would be a great feature in EXPORT DDL if you could export automatically to individual directories based on object type. If the option is there I could not find it. Either under basic or advanced. We have a need to export our entire code base from an old version of Oracle and need to organize by object type. This feature would be a huge time saver since we wouldn't have to "re-organize" once exported.

So, if you specified the main folder the object folders would then be created (assuming you had rights on your destination folder to do so, if not all goes into defined folder).


Generate Schema Script will do that. It's a lot faster too, and it's threaded so you can do other stuff in Toad while it runs.

But I'll add an option for export ddl to do it.

Unfortunately, I do not have that as an option in my menu:

I do have DBA rights.


Oh, I should have mentioned - You need either the DB Admin module or Toad Expert Edition for Generate Schema Script. Talk to sales - maybe you can get a trial of one of them.