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Generate DDL schema from command line


I am currently using TOAD for Oracle 12.1 version to generate DDL scripts for the selected objects in a schema. My goal is to back up the current schema ddl every after release. I am trying to automate this process and am wondering if I can use the command line to invoke Toad to generate the required DDL scripts in the similar folder structure for each object type.
Any help will be much appriciated.


Go into the automation designer and create a Generate Schema Script action. The “Create individual Object DDL files” will make a folder for each object type, a file for each object’s script, and a master script to call all of the individual scripts.

Thanks John. Can you please provide a lit bit more detail on the steps. Or if you could point me to other source to refer that it would be great. I think I get what you are saying but I am new to using automation designer.


Hi Sam,

See attachment.

SchemaScriptCommandLine.docx (716 KB)

Thank you John. Appriciate your help and prompt response. Cheers!!

I am able to run this through my local pc. Is it possible to run this script in the unix server? Not sure if there’s any Toad client version for the unix box.

Sorry, we don’t have a Unix version. Just Windows and Mac but I don’t know if all this stuff works in the Mac version.

Thanks John.