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export excel file from schema compare



I can not extract the excel file from schema compare.

it freezes my computer

Toad version


I don’t have 12.0 handy, but It works fine here using the current beta. This feature is supposed to start Excel and put the data in it. Then you can save to a file if you want.

Is Excel already running? If not, check task manager to make sure you don’t have an EXCEL.EXE in there. If you do, kill it and try again.


I am having the same problem with and there is no EXCEL.EXE process running when this happens. It does not occur with a fresh TOAD.INI. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!!


Can you be more specific about what you are doing in Toad and what happens?

Also, regarding Toad.ini, do you still have the “broken” one and can you reliably swap it out with the fresh one to make the problem happen again?

FYI - 12.6 is pretty old, and we haven’t had reports of this happening with newer versions, so I am pretty sure whatever the problem is, it’s been fixed.


I do a Database/Compare/Schemas and compare two schemas. The size of the schemas or the options chosen do not matter. When the compare completes, I click the Excel icon to put the output into a spreadsheet. An Excel.exe process appears in Task Manager and TOAD hangs. Yes, I have a couple of copies of "broken " toad.ini’s and I can swap them out with a pristine one to make the problem re-occur.


send me a broken Toad.ini and I’ll have a look. you can send it to



John, the company restricts outgoing email so I will have to get an approval to send you a “broken” ini.

The ini I am using now was freshly created this morning and I only made a few changes to it. I decided to undo one change and the problem with compare and Excel disappears. And, If I put it back, the problem comes back. The offender seems to be View/TOAD Options/Windows and check “Use alias instead of Database”.


Ok. Is there any characters besides a-z in your alias?


Excel won’t like the following in the sheet name: : / \ ? * [ ]. It looks like in 12.6, we failed to filter out the colon, :


No, just four characters. (It prepends my username and an “@” and it appends a space and brackets with a number in them. E.g., jsmith@dev7 [2] where the alias is dev7.)


That [2] is there because you are connecting to a RAC instance - this is the RAC instance ID.

When I connect to RAC, I also get the server name instance name in the window caption, so it looks like this:


Then when we send the data to excel, we’re including the window caption to use as a sheet name. Since Toad 12.6 isn’t filtering out that colon after the server name, Excel is throwing an error that we aren’t handling well, and that’s what leads up to Toad hanging.

So I don’t think that the problem is the alias option - for me, it hangs in 12.6 with or without that option because the colon is always in the form caption with you connect to a RAC instance. I am guessing that you connected to a non-RAC instance when it worked.

This was fixed in Toad 12.7. The only workaround I can offer for 12.6 is do a copy and paste from Toad to Excel, rather than clicking that button.


Well, I am connecting to the same RAC instance every time. And, if I turn off the alias option, I get the hostname:portname and Excel works. If I turn the alias option back on, the colon goes away and Excel does not work. Copy and paste from TOAD to Excel would require some formatting, I am pretty sure. I am going restore my customized ini but turn off the alias option and see how that goes next week.
Thank you for taking a look at this.


you’re welcome. It’s definitely about the colon. Unchecking the “Show user@database in captions” checkbox prevents the host:instance from showing.