Export Insert Statements Using Selected Rows WITHOUT "Display all results in grid"

I’m finding that when I want to export my insert statements TOAD is putting characters in the text file which cannot be read by sqlplus. I believe this is because of the grid view output format which is imposed on us by TOAD. Not only do I need to make the sql readable after outputing it I also have to try and find invalid characters which defeats the point of the tool.

Does anyone know how to export insert statements from selected rows without having the output displayed as a grid?

In either case, (with the “display all results in grid” checked or unchecked), the values that we send to the file come straight from the result set. We don’t use the grid to produce the result. That option means we’ll either use the query which is tied to the grid, or create a separate query which is not.

So, if you can provide some more details about the problem - maybe a few lines of output with the invalid characters, and what you see in the grid for the same rows - maybe we can help figure out what’s going on.